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Alisa Brings Back Old School Survival Horror with a Twist3 min read


    A lot of throwback projects take the modern era and apply old game mechanics to it. Games like Daymare: 1998 are nice because a lot of modern comforts exist for a reason.

    That being said, occasionally, you find a project that doesn’t want to do it that way. I don’t know if you know this, but games still come out for the Sega Genesis. Oftentimes, these are just simple retro-style games.


    Alisa is something wholly different.

    Created solely by Casper Croes, Alisa follows the titular character, an Elite Royal Agent on the hunt for a wanted killer. Her hunt brings her to a mansion, where she’s assailed by strange mechanical dolls. She has to escape the mansion and finish her job.

    Alisa brings back the style from survival horror’s golden age

    What makes Alisa so interesting is that it’s actually being made in the style of games for the original PlayStation. The chunky, polygonal graphics evoke a bygone era. The classic feel doesn’t end there, however: everything about it is classic.

    Image: Casper Croes

    The inventory system is highly simplified. The have two weapons and a dress, which functions as armor. You can swap between the two weapons on the fly. Meanwhile, different dresses give you different stat buffs.

    There’s also a character upgrade system. These upgrades give Alisa extra abilities, or stronger stats. All of these plays are themed around marionettes and dolls. This aesthetic carries through in every part of the game.

    Details on Gameplay

    Casper is trying to make the main game around 4 hours long with 6 chapters, 5 bosses, numerous types of enemies, and 3 possible endings. Casper also plans on adding extras and a newgame+ to increase the overall playtime even more. Speaking of newgame+, a total of 6 dresses and 9 weapons for the main game will just be a few of the extras added to the game mode. Holiday costume DLCs will also be released on every major holiday.

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    How to Support Alisas Development

    Right now, Alisa is on Kickstarter. You can pledge based on certain tiers, as usual, and the higher tiers get some nice goodies. These can even be physical things like an art book or a throwback case for the game. The developer, Casper Croes, is based out of Belgium and is hard at work to get the game out. Kickstarter backers will also receive a special exclusive DLC on release.

    Alisa Kickstarter
    Image: Casper Croes/ Kickstarter

    Alisa will release for PC (Windows and Linux) first, but Casper has shown interest in porting Xbox. Mac, Playstation, and Switch in his opinion are a bit of a stretch at this time.

    A demo, titled The Arrival which will cover the prologue and the first chapter of the game will be available mid-development as an exclusive reward for backing Alisa on Kickstarter. So head over to the campaign and check it out!

    You can download the demo Alisa: The Awakening right now on itch.io by naming your own price at the link here. You can also follows Alisa’s development on Casper’s website, Instagram, or by joining the official Discord server.

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