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Amazon Discounts Resident Evil 3 Preorders1 min read

    Resident Evil 3 Brad

    A lot of times, the only thing preventing someone from picking up a new game is the price. I’ll admit, $60 can be quite a bit even if the experience does often last a long time.

    Equally as often, games don’t lose that price until long after launch relegating some to be perpetually behind the curve.

    However, every now and then, a shocking deal comes along and makes life easier.

    Amazon has delivered just that by discounting Resident Evil 3 preorders in the US by ten bucks.

    Resident Evil 3 Amazon

    While a discount of $10 doesn’t seem like a lot, sometimes that’s all it takes. Besides, saving money is always nice, so even those already planning to buy can save some cash.

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    Who knows how long deals like this will last, so I’d recommend heading over right now taking care of that if you’ve yet to preorder. The offer covers both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game and can be preordered here.

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