Annette Confirmed as Selectable Mastermind in Resistance

Husband and wife reunited.

Back when it was still Project Resistance, many players who got to experience the beta experienced an occasional glitch.

Sometimes, rather than display the dossier for Daniel, the only confirmed Mastermind, you would instead see info on Annette Birkin. The brilliant Umbrella scientist and wife of the G-virus monster, William Birkin.

Well, a glitch has turned into intent, as Annette is now confirmed on Resident Evil‘s website to be the second Mastermind accessible to the solo player.

annette bio
Annette’s bio for Resident Evil Resistance. Image: Capcom

Like many speculated, her special enemy is her dear husband, William, in his Stage-1 G form.

Whether or not there will be more Masterminds is still up in the air. If there are, hopefully, we’ll see them before the official launch of Resident Evil 3 in April of next year.

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