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Universal Studios Japan Announces Resident Evil 2 Escape Room

Biohazard the Extreme
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Universal Studios Japan
Credit: Osaka Today

Universal Studios Japan announced the development of a new escape room game that is based on Resident Evil 2 (2019). Biohazard the Extreme will open September 7th until November 4th of this year. Japan is getting all the cool stuff like Biohazard Valiant Raid and now this.

Biohazard the Extreme will throw players into the Raccoon City outbreak as a member of the Racoon Police Department.

The objective is simple; escape using whatever means are necessary.

In this scenario, you will encounter various zombies and B.O.W.’s that will get more frequent during the experience. It has a real-life “difficulty setting” that is adjustable from one to five, with five being the hardest. Depending on the course, objectives, weapons, and pickups will change.


There is no official media yet that promotes the escape room, only the initial announcement. Once Universal Studios Japan releases more information or a promotion video, we will be adding information on our site.

Biohazard the Extreme will be age-restricted, so if you have younger children, they likely will not be able to participate. A price has not been set, but based on other ones USJ has done, the price is likely to be 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen ($30 to $50).

This isn’t Universal Studios Japan’s first Resident Evil escape room. Over the past several years they’ve had Biohazard: The Real 1, 2, and 3 all drawing massive crowds.


If you happen to be in Japan or visiting while the experience is going on, I suggest you check it out. Tickets for Biohazard the Extreme will be available at Universal Studios Japan’s official website.

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