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Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear Comes to Japan2 min read

    Biohazard Walkthrough the Fear

    Capcom is prepping to launch another VR experience, this time as a prequel to Resident Evil 7 titled Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear.
    Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear

    Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear

    The experience will be available exclusively at the Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro Store in Tokyo, Japan. From what we know so far, the experience will take us back to Dulvey, Louisiana to revisit the Baker Mansion. Jack Baker has kidnapped the “players” and trapped them in the basement of the mansion. The players will have to shoot their way out of the mansion and escape both the Molded and presumably Jack.

    Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear promotional poster
    Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear promotional poster

    A mere 2800 Yen (roughly $25) per person is all it takes for a 40-minute play session. Though the session requires 4 people, you can book for less but they warn you will be placed with others who are in the queue needing a full team. Reservations have already started and the experience is set to launch October 26.

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    This is the second Resident Evil VR Capcom has launched this year. In July, Biohazard Valiant Raid was released at the same location in Tokyo. It is still running and also can be reserved. From what we know right now both experiences will be open at the same time for your horror pleasure.

    Biohazard: Valiant Raid Trailer

    Capcom has yet to announce if they plan on opening these experiences anywhere else in the world, but time will tell!

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