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Capcom Hints Beta Testing for Unannounced Title1 min read

    Resident Evil 8

    Earlier we reported on the latest email from Capcom regarding its changes to the Resident Evil Ambassador program. It was mostly introducing a new tier system and bringing more activities to participate in.

    However, as part of that announcement, Capcom slyly suggests that there is something unknown in the works. Something that the Resi Ambassadors will get a chance to be directly involved in.

    Capcom Resident Evil Ambassador Email
    Resident Evil Ambassador Email. Image: Capcom

    Notice the mention of testing for an unannounced title. This is a pretty heavy hint, throwing away subtlety in favor of letting the hype engine begin.

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    The obvious possibility is that Resident Evil 8 testing is about to begin. While we’ve heard nothing except that it definitely is being made, the odds of it being anything else are low (unless it’s Revelations 3). After all, 3 and Resistance both have been announced.

    Regardless, we’ll be watching this very closely and hopefully, more information will be available soon!

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