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Capcom France Reveals Full Carlos Resident Evil 3 Redesign1 min read

    Resident Evil 3 Carlos

    Since the Resident Evil 3 announcement, Capcom showed several nice, full shots of the new look of Jill Valentine. With a much more practical and believable tank top and pants design, our heroine looks much more prepared for battle.

    However, for a few weeks, Carlos new design was only seen in screenshots of the RE3 reveal trailer.

    Capcom France finally changed that, sharing photos on Instagram that featured our boy in all of his updated glory alongside another picture of Jill’s redesign.

    No longer sporting the sleek, clean look he once had, the new design is much rougher. His hair is far curlier, which fits with his Brazilian origins much more than the slick look did. He also is much scruffier, with clear stubble.

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    Perhaps the plan is to slowly trickle out visuals as the release approaches.

    EDIT: At the time of this writing, Capcom France has pulled down these images.

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