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Capcom to Drop “Multiple Major Titles” by April of 20212 min read

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    Capcom’s development team of the long-running Resident Evil franchise has made an announcement in a financial presentation about their plans to launch a series of releases before the end of 2021 and this could mean it could be as soon as late March 2021. The studio says that they aim to set a new record in sales aiming upwards in the 30 million range which is quite a massive claim given that the release of Resident Evil 3 brought in so far 2.5 million units sold. Remarks of this nature have a lot of fans believing some of their favorite games could be in the works.

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    There have been a few rumors floating around on the internet and on social media platforms discussing a possible Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil 4 remake en route from our favorite developers. Capcom has not yet released a full confirmation at this time for either of these titles, however, it would make sense that more would be to follow since the last 3 releases were given the “remake treatment” and it would also fit into place under the mysterious growth strategy presentation provided by the developer surfacing earlier this month.

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    Capcom has a few other moving parts as well, their successful Monster Hunter: World launch has since surpassed a whopping 15.5 million units sold and so their paper trail of success doesn’t just stop at the Resident Evil titles. It is possible Capcom has more projects in the works that we don’t know about. Until we are able to obtain further solid information it is safe to say that Capcom is working hard on bringing their fans the Resident Evils they deserve and perhaps even then some.

    Read the full financial presentation here.

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