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Classic Resident Evil 3 Costumes On Sale Soon2 min read

Resident Evil 3 Classic Costumes

If you preordered Resident Evil 3, then you already have the classic costumes for Jill and Carlos. These modern updates of their original looks were much requested before release, so it’s not surprising to see them provided, but until this point, they were exclusive to preorders.

Now, on May 7th, these costumes will be going live on the Playstation Store as standalone purchases in Japan.

Resident Evil 3 Classic Costumes
Image: Capcom

Whether or not they’ll see an international release is still unclear, but it’d be surprising if they didn’t. They likely are just as sought after here as they are in Japan.

Resident Evil 3 Classic Costumes
Image: Capcom

Japan to get the costumes first

On release, they’ll run a Japanese player 300 Yen, or about 3 bucks US. This seems about par for digital goods like this, though that can still be seen as a little steep.

Resident Evil 3 is notably sparse when it comes to costumes, contrasting 2 in that regard. However, there’s a lot more to be purchased as far as weapons, with a lot of goodies available in the in-game shop.

Hopefully, we’ll hear official word on an English release of these costumes. When we do, we’ll update you all.

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