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Conscript is an Amazing Survival Horror Set in World War 14 min read


    War isn’t a topic that’s usually associated with survival horror, much less a war that happened over 100 years ago. However, that’s all changing with a new Kickstarter project named Conscript from indie developer, Catchweight Studios.

    First off what makes this project from Catchweight Studios so impressive, is that it’s helmed by a solo developer, 23-year-old JD Mochi from Melbourne, Australia.

    JD is currently wrapping up a degree in history from the University of Melbourne and used his love for both history (specifically WW1) and the survival horror genre to create this beautiful callback to the games we grew up with.

    Image: Catchweight Studios

    As a history undergraduate, I always felt that WW1 was an underutilised period of history in video games – and that it’s strange the majority of horror games default to contemporary settings. Naturally, the brutality and terror of WW1 go hand in hand with the survival horror genre. 

    JD Mochi

    Development for Conscript started back in 2017 and just recently reached its Kickstarter goal with 132% funded from 778 backers and AU$39,659 raised. Not only is this alone an impressive feat, but even more impressive is that all of the environment and UI assets are hand-drawn in Photoshop!

    Image: Catchweight Studios

    Conscript sets you in the boots of André, a young man conscripted into the French Army in World War during the 1916 conflict, The Battle of Verdun. André quickly finds himself on a mission to find his brother Pierre after being knocked out to find his entire regiment is either missing or dead.

    You will have you exploring amazing levels filled with a rich story and many secrets and paths to explore. You’ll have to plan every move and take into account enemies, raids, and the lethal presence of mustard gas to escape this horror while searching for your brother.

    Image: Catchweight Studios

    Currently, Conscript is only slated to release on Steam sometime in Q2 2021 and you can download the demo here. JD hopes to also bring the game to consoles as well, depending on how the development goes. You can visit the Kickstarter page to get an idea of the development roadmap.

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    Conscript Features

    • Pixel-art aesthetic and oppressive sound design.
    • Experience classic and methodical survival horror gameplay in a unique historical setting: WW1 during the Battle of Verdun.
    • Fight off enemy soldiers and disturbing psychological manifestations with a variety of melee weapons and firearms.
    • Navigate intricate level design that promotes item management and route planning.
    • Solve complex puzzles.
    • Survive in an intense, harrowing atmosphere boosted by a unique pixel art aesthetic and oppressive sound design.
    • Three distinct areas that intertwine and overlap.
    • Highly re-playable with multiple difficulty settings and bonus weapons.

    Being a huge war history buff myself, I could not be more excited to see this project come fully to life. With enemies that feel both Resident Evil and Silent Hill in nature, if the entire game plays as the demo, this will be a head-turner for all fans of survival horror. I wish this ambitious solo dev the best of luck!

    Conscript is currently in development for Steam and is set to release in Q2 of 2021. You can follow the progress of the game on Facebook, Twitter, the website, Steam, or by joining the official Discord.

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