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DeathGround Makes An Amazing Appearance At Future Games Show 20201 min read


    We’ve been keeping an eye on the progression of Deathground for a bit now, especially after they absolutely destoryed their fundraising goal with an impressive £118,097 raised from almost 4,000 backers. The dinosaur-focused survival horror game hearkens back to the era of Dino Crisis, while still giving players a modern, first-person horror experience.

    At Gamesradar‘s Future Games Show 2020 last Friday, the game saw a presentation showing off gameplay and cinematics.


    It’s narrated by Dan De Rocha, studio head of Jaw Drop Games. The studio contains quite a few seasoned vets, including some who worked on Alien: Isolation.

    Image: Deathground

    Deathground Is Alien: Isolation With Dinosaurs With Friends

    Dread Central

    We definitely Dread Central here, the game looks like it is going to be an amazing mix of Alien: Isolation and Dino Crisis that you’ll be able to enjoy with your friends. As backers of this project, our team can’t wait until we’re all able to escape some dino-horror together.

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    We’ll keep a finger to the pulse on this one, and keep you all updated as new information, footage, and more is released. You can check out all the latest information released on their website here.

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