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Dino Crisis is REborn for Modern Day Hardware With 4k and 60FPS Support3 min read

    Dino Crisis Classic Rebirth

    As the rumors of a Potential Dino Crisis remake linger around in the wilderness, wetting the tongues of avid Dino Crisis fans around the world, something that has been in the works for a reasonable amount of time is the Dino Crisis HD Rebirth Patch, which aims to inject new life into the Original Dino Crisis PC Port.

    Made by Gemini, known for his fantastic work on the Resident Evil 1 & 2 Classic Rebirth. Dino Crisis Classic Rebirth is the title Gemini has given his mods which modernizes the late 90’s PC ports of classic Resident Evil games. With features such as native controller support, which wasn’t in the original series, and higher resolutions than the original port, this has helped keep the Resident Evil PC community alive and ensures their continued longevity. The Classic Rebirth mod is a simple installation, involving you placing the .DLL file into the directory of your game. Once dropped in, just launch the game!

    Dino Crisis Classic Rebirth
    Image: Capcom

    Gemini details in his patch notes:

    This patch .DLL is a plug & play way to enjoy Dino Crisis for PC with improved compatibility and some tweaks that make it work on modern hardware.

    Dino Crisis Classic Rebirth Patch Notes

    • Replaces DirectDraw 5.00 with DirectX 9, for improved compatibility with modern GPUs (and prevents rundll32.exe from executing for no good reason). Will implement OpenGL and DirectX11 in a later revision.
    • Replaces DirectInput 3.00/5.00 with new input methods such as XInput, RawInput, DirectInput 8.0 (also native keyboard support), effectively allowing most controllers to be detected and supported by the game.
    • Replaces DirectShow video playback with a custom video player that doesn’t depend on deprecated Microsoft technologies. No codecs required, FFmpeg takes care of Indeo5 and adds native MP4 + AAC support.
    • Adds a new 3D rendering mode with more precise transformation methods that fix wobbliness and texture warping.
    • Improves sound capabilities of the game, making the audio driver switch from 22050Hz 8bit audio driver to 44100Hz 16bits. It also fixes a bug that causes music to increasingly speed up when player gets damaged across rooms without healing.
    • Adds resolutions higher than 640×480 (supports 4K too), adds a hotkey to switch resolution in game, and provides a more stable borderless window mode to replace glitchy fullscreen.
    • Adds an optional adaptative wide screen mode to fill the whole screen area (i.e. 16:9 & 16:10 ratios or even ultra widescreen, you name it).
    • Fixes frame rate issue to provide smooth 30/60 fps support.
    • Removes the need to install the game or to launch it via a dedicated launcher. Just copy your data from the install disk, add the DLL, execute game and you are ready to go. If your copy was already installed, the DLL will convert Registry settings on the fly.
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    We here at BIohazard Declassified fully support Gemini and his mods and can’t wait to see how far these go. Gemini has become an asset to the community and has helped preserve some of the games we all know and love.


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