Dino Crisis Possibly Making a Comeback? [Rumor]

New Trademark information makes it seem likely.

Fans of Resident Evil also tend to be fans of Dino Crisis, Capcom’s leveraging of the same basic formula, but with dinosaurs, because dinosaurs are rad.

This franchise has something of a cult following, forgotten but some but adored by those who remember. We here at Biohazard Declassified remember it fondly, and our own Faith and Nick stream it regularly.

Dino Crisis
Regina and everyone’s favourite T-Rex. Image: Dino Crisis

This cult following has also been vocal about their dream to see the current remake formula applied to their beloved IP.

Well, that dream might not be unobtainable after all.

As first spotted by Bloody Disgusting, yesterday Twitter account @tmark365 (which tweets Japanese trademark applications) posted that on November 29th, Capcom filed for a number of its trademarks. Power Stone (which also gets ME excited, not gonna lie), Darkstalkers, and most importantly Dino Crisis.

While this is hardly proof of anything definitive, it’s hard to believe that Capcom would go out of their way to file all the necessary paperwork just to maintain their control over “dead” IPs.

We’ll have to wait for other information before we get TOO excited. Perhaps a few leaks will drip through the cracks in the coming months, maybe even at the upcoming Jump Festa. Until then, keep an eye out for anything dino related coming from Capcom.

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