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Dino Crisis Rebirth – A Dino Crisis Remaster1 min read

Dino Crisis Classic Rebirth

Not too long ago, we covered a pretty ambitious project that attempted to bring Dino Crisis into Unreal Engine 4.

This time, we have a similar, but also wholly different project: Dino Crisis Rebirth, an upscaling project being created by Gemini. Who has created quite a name for himself with his Resident Evil REbirth mods, that accomplish this same feat for RE1 and 2.

While not attempting to rebuild the game, Gemini is hoping to give the original compatibility with DirectX 9, which would help prevent many glitches that currently come about when upscaling the game.


Using rendering tricks and dynamic vertex texture filtering, Gemini able to bring the original Dino Crisis for PC up to modern PC HD levels.

Gemini already released gameplay, and while they haven’t given exact dates, odds are the release is looming ever closer.

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