Team Arklay’s Dino Crisis Remake Gets New Trailer

This project doesn’t seem to be going extinct anytime soon.

While it’s been in development for a decent chunk of time now, Team Arklay‘s attempt to bring the remake magic to Dino Crisis has finally reached a new landmark: a gameplay trailer.

Taking the camera to the over-the-shoulder perspective, this indie creation is running on the Unreal Engine 4. A project of clear passion, it’s good to know that Capcom hasn’t put the kibosh on it yet.

In the trailer, you get to see quite a few dinos. Raptors, compies, and pterodactyls all appear, with the biggest star being the T-rex itself.

Dino Crisis
Dino Crisis fan remake trailer footage. Image: Team Arklay

While we’re all hoping Capcom themselves revive this IP in the future, we’re really excited about this project in the meantime. Hopefully, this means that we’ll be seeing a demo for this ambitious project soon!

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