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Resident Evil: During The Storm Sets Its Sights on REinventing Classic RE3 min read


    The creator of the now-infamous Mortal Night modification of Resident Evil 2 PC, Resevilnemesis30, is back with another ambitious project, entitled RESIDENT EVIL: DURING THE STORM.

    In During The Storm, you play as Kevin Ryman (of Resident Evil Outbreak fame) at the very start of the “Raccoon City Incident”, managing the extremely limited resources that the RPD had before it eventually succumbed to the outbreak.

    Resident Evil During the Storm
    Resident Evil: During the Storm title reveal

    With an emphasis on survival, you will traverse through Raccoon City meeting various NPCs throughout your campaign.

    Resident Evil During the Storm
    You meet with various NPCs throughout the Campain with different personalities and voice acting.

    You will walk through ‘remixed’ areas with a brand new story unique to During The Storm, which should keep even the most battle-tested Resident Evil 2 and 3 fans on their toes. Players should expect to encounter different choices with decisions affecting outcomes throughout the game.

    Resident Evil During the Storm
    Various choices you make during the campaign will help or hinder your progress.

    Although very little has been released with regards to the actual contents of the campaign, with Resevilnemesis30’s previous efforts with Mortal Night and Destiny we are sure that you will be in for a unique experience that relates back to the original story of Resident Evil 2 and 3. What we also know is that the story will be split up into chapters, which could lead to changes in perspective, characters, and scenarios.

    Resident Evil During the Storm
    During The Storm remixed inventory screen, with new weapons and items

    The creators of During The Storm are intent on making the game canon with the rest of the series- meaning it will borrow elements directly from Resident Evil 2, as well as the ‘Desperate Times’ campaign that was featured in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.

    Resident Evil During the Storm
    During the Storm will have similar locations, with Remixed enemies.

    However, not much has been said about an actual release date, aside from the few update videos that have been posted by the creator on YouTube.

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    Do you like the look of this mod? As ever, Biohazard Declassified will have their fingers on the pulse for updates on this exciting and unique fan project.

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