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Can You Escape For Halloween?2 min read

Resident Evil Escape for Halloween

Capcom is currently running a Resident Evil “Escape For Halloween” game you can play in your browser.

The Set-up

Escape for Halloween First Situation
Escape for Halloween First Situation

On the way to a Halloween party, you’re kidnapped and dropped into an Umbrella maze—kind of a hint to Project Resistance. The goal? Escape the Mastermind and make it to the party! This is essentially a fun, new take on the “choose your own adventure” games of old.

The Reward and the Catch

The reward for escaping is a retweet from the official Capcom Dev 1 for your accomplishment. Which is super cool in and of itself, knowing that Capcom sees you out there.

It’s ridiculously difficult and there’s apparently no rhyme or reason for the choices and their outcomes. Do you do this? Or that? There’s really no outcome and it seems mostly randomized. Sometimes making a choice will kill you and on a second playthrough, the opposite decision will kill you.

Escape for Halloween First Situation
Escape for Halloween Game Over

If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, I’d definitely recommend Resident Evil fans to try their hand at it and see if they can escape. Play Escape for Halloween here.

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