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Fact-Checking Policy

Rumors are rampant in communities like ours. Sometimes it’s hard to suss out what’s pure fiction and what’s reliable enough to print.

That being said, we always do our absolute best to cross-reference any information that we have come across our desks. We don’t want to be part of the mill.

Web of Sources

One of the most important steps in our vetting process is running any new information we have run past a myriad array of leakers.

Leakers with a strong track record, these sources help us buff the rough edges off of our information, finding what the common agreement is.

Publishers First

Of course, there’s one source that will always override any others: publishers themselves.

We will always look through different publishers’ social media and news pages before we post any of our information. Not only does this potentially cut bad news off at the pass, but it also could give us the best “Source:” line we can have.

No Funny Business

The most important thing is to be as genuine as possible with each article we release. We may have a laidback style in our articles (especially me), but that doesn’t mean we don’t actually care in the long run.

We want to be the best source you can find on the web for Resident Evil stories, hands down. We’re fully committed to what it’ll take to be as such.


Were not perfect. I mean, mostly, but not quite.

When we DO get it wrong, we won’t just let it sit, or bury it. We need to be accountable for any misinformation that we unknowingly spread.

As such, when we’re in a position where we have to correct our own work, we’ll immediately make it clear that we’re fixing a mistake.

In those situations, look for an amendment to the original article, as well as an update near the top that informs what our original mistake was.

Never fear; we aim to be the best info you can find.

If we get it wrong, email [email protected] and we’ll make it right.