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House of the Dead Rises Again2 min read

    House of the Dead

    We here at Biohazard Declassified appreciate more than just Resident Evil; we love any good horror franchise.

    House of the Dead
    House of the Dead

    It’s safe to say that many of us grew up with frequent trips to the arcade on the list. While I, unfortunately, had limited time with the joysticks, I often gravitated to the light gun cabinets when I had the chance. Time Crisis, Silent Scope, and, of course, House of the Dead.

    While House saw a new light-gun release just last year, the long-running franchise hasn’t seen much daylight outside of arcades. There was a really unfortunate Uwe Boll film, and a few home console, including the beloved-cheesy Overkill. Otherwise, the franchise didn’t really enjoy much success beyond the gaming halls.

    House of the Dead Overkill
    House of the Dead Overkill

    Thankfully, that’s looking to change. Forever Entertainment, the studio who put Panzer Dragoon to the spotlight, announced that they’re looking to bring both House of the Dead and House of the Dead 2 forward, likely to the Switch.

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    This means a whole new generation will get to enjoy the glee and panic that we felt. While the plots aren’t the absolute best, the on-rails shooters paint pop culture red and green, popularizing zombies right alongside Resi.

    While we’re not positive what systems we’ll be seeing the remake’s release on, Switch seems a safe bet. Hopefully, Forever will give us some more information soon.

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