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HUGE Resident Evil Series Info Buried in Archived Netflix Files [Rumor]1 min read

Resident Evil Netflix

Following the rumour regarding the filming of the Resident Evil Netflix series in South Africa, it appears we have uncovered more evidence that this series is indeed happening.

Having a look at Waybackmachine, a website that archives millions of webpages per day for non-profit research purposes, it features archived pages from Netflix Media Center, which catalogs upcoming movies and series into summaries, ready for their delivery on the website. This is where it gets interesting, I assure you.

resident evil netflix
Resident Evil Synopsis. Image: Waybackmachine

It features a short synopsis of the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix series and gives a interesting gaze into the storyline. Taking place twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-virus, it seems we may see flashbacks of the initial outbreak. Obviously it’s hard to speculate based on the short paragraph what characters may appear. Though this may be the start of a series of drip-feeding of information that we begin to uncover moving forward.


As you can imagine, this is the most conclusive evidence that Resident Evil will be hitting our screens shortly. If you want to investigate yourself, feel free to look on the website using this link.

However, without solid confirmation from Netflix, or the associated production studio, we can only speculate what is to come. However, as I’m sure you can appreciate, this appears to be a huge confirmation that this is happening, directly from a large source.

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