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Invader Announces Daymare: 1998 Collector’s Edition1 min read

    Daymare: 1998

    It’s not every day that an indie project has a fancy release. When it happens, though, it should be treated like the amazing step forward that it is.

    Invader Studios‘ old school love letter Daymare: 1998 was announced for consoles recently, which is cool in and of itself, but Invader has taken it one step further: they’ve announced a Collector’s Edition.

    Daymare 1998
    Image: Invader Studios

    Called the Black Edition, it contains art and pins and comes in a slick box.

    This edition will be released on the same day as the standard edition. However, there’s a catch; only Europe is getting it.

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    American fans are so far looking to be stuck with the standard edition. That being said, we often get things others don’t, so we might just have to take the loss this time.

    Daymare: 1998 will be releasing to consoles on April 28th in both the EU and the Americas.

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