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Jill Valentine S.T.A.R.S. Look in Resident Evil 2 Remake2 min read

Resident Evil 2 Jill Mod

Since it’s launch the Resident Evil 2 modding community has continuously worked to bring new character mods to the 2019 remake. While some have to be tagged NSFW, there are definitely many that bring a unique look to Raccoon City.

The latest to catch our eye is a Jill Valentine mod from Glen Yancey (@WallStaringCat).

Jill Valentine Resident Evil 2
Jill Valentine mod. Image: Glen Yancey

Rather than being a modeled after Jill’s Resident Evil 3 look like previous mods, Glen has brought us a high-quality look at Jill’s Iconic S.T.A.R.S. uniform from Resident Evil.


If you’d like to bring Jill from the Spencer Mansion to the RPD, you can head over to NexusMods and download the mod from there. After you install the mod, simply select Claire’s Military DLC skin, and start up your new playthrough as Jill!

You can download the mod here.

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