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Kojima Might Make a Silent Hill Game After All [Rumor]1 min read

    Silent Hill Kojima

    The loss of Silent Hills is something that the entire horror game fanbase felt deep down. The playable teaser, PT, gave us a glimpse into the ridiculous and terrifying things Kojima could do with horror.

    His first independent effort, Death Stranding, wasn’t horror but showed us what an unchained Kojima could accomplish. It also took on some big wins at The Game Awards last night.

    But this foray into the unknown may pay dividends. Kojima is looking at the horror genre again, and a rumor says that it might just be a Silent Hill game after all.

    kojima silent hills
    Silent Hills. Image: Konami

    A story on Gamerant tells of a Redditor named Sarkzt0001. Allegedly, he provided evidence to a subreddit moderator of Kojima being in talks with Konami to finish what he started and create Silent Hills.

    Supposedly, the deal is that Kojima will have to fund the product himself, and Konami will have the final say on the actor behind the main character. Otherwise, Kojima will remain unchained.

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    This news is with a healthy grain of salt, of course. Especially with Konami allowing the Silent Hill domain to expire recently. As with all rumors, we have no real way to confirm if the leak is legitimate. While that possibility leaves me with a little anxiety, I’ve long said that the Silent Hill IP should be in Kojima’s hands.

    Until there’s an official announcement from either party, we can only hope that it’s legit. In the meantime, keep a watchful eye on both parties’ social feeds.

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