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Lawsuit from Resident Evil Stuntwoman is Withdrawn1 min read

    Resident Evil Movies Olivia Jackson

    Not long ago, I talked about Olivia Jackson, who lost an arm due to a botched stunt during the making of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She had a lawsuit pending against Paul WS Andersson et al for not securing her the proper insurance, ensuring that her career ended without her getting compensation.

    Unfortunately, it looks as though the stuntwoman’s legal team has withdrawn said lawsuit. The reason is unclear as of publishing. However, the defending party has already stated that they have paid no money to bring about this outcome.

    stuntwoman in lawsuit
    Olivia and Mila side-by-side. Image: Screenrant

    However, it’s entirely possible that the claim will be filed elsewhere. If Jackson hasn’t received any money, then it’s unlikely she’d be happy with throwing in the towel.

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    I’d hate to see the lawsuit die for any reason. I hate to see someone as hardworking as Jackson lose everything and get nothing in return.

    Until there’s an official statement or a filing elsewhere, all we can do is support Olivia from the sidelines.

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