Modder Uses Resident Evil 2 To Fight Nemesis Early

A really cool fan made teaser video.

Many of us are chomping at the bit to see fan fave Nemesis again, as we crawl towards April waiting for Resident Evil 3.

While we won’t get to go toe to toe with him for real until either release or a demo, a modder has at least given us the visual side using Resident Evil 2.

YouTuber and modder imabroccoli – mdenizgaming (MangakaDenizGaming) has gone ahead and given us a little taste of what fighting Nemy might look like by using several mods including their own retro Jill skin for Claire and a Nemesis skin for Mr. X.

The video uses a mixture of the reskinned beginning of Claire’s scenario, cutscenes from the original Resident Evil 3, and a little video editing for the decision mechanic to bring this to life.

You can find these skins in the links in the description of the attached video as well as the mod to make Mr. X come out of the RPD and other mods to make this video work. They actually have quite a few skins to peruse (including some… less conventional ones, if you’re into that sort of thing. So, NSFW warning). Also, there is a Patreon, should you want to support them.

It’s always nice to see how invested the community is in keeping the games fresh. This is overall is a fun way to tease ourselves while we await the April 2020 release.

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