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The Save Rooms (Remixed) Impresssions2 min read


    There are two things I absolutely love. 80’s style synthwave music…and Resident Evil and there exists a perfect fusion of both, thanks to the genius of Mono Memory.

    Enter a world of synthwave horror

    Just as you’re pulled into madness you find sanctuary. A safe room; a place free from fear as a calm melody plays, keeping your nightmares away for a brief moment.

    Mono Memory

    First, Mono Memory is no stranger to the synthwave genre, having covered a lot of various Resident Evil game music and other projects like Terminator and Kingdom Hearts. (Even Our intro music is his work!)

    But his most recent release, The Save Rooms (Remixed) is an absolute treat. With 9 tracks covering games from Resident Evil 0 to Survivor to Resident Evil 7, it is almost 40 minutes of amazing ear candy.

    Released on June 7th both digitally and a limited cassette run, both fans of the survival horror genre and those of synth music immediately jumped on it. The limited cassette release sold out within hours of release!

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    My Thoughts

    This album is an absolute must-have for any Resident Evil or synthwave music fan. It’s a wonderful piece to add to any collection, both physical or digital. 10/10.

    Above all, it takes a unique spin on the famous somber, chilling music that the series has always done so beautifully and builds on it in such a wonderful way.

    In conclusion, take it from the word of Biohazard Declassified‘s staff, this is a must buy and the digital copy is ridiculously fairly priced.

    Purchase your copy of The Save Rooms (Remixed) on Bandcamp here: (Also available via iTunes)

    Make sure to also follow Mono Memory on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube! You won’t regret it, and he’s constantly posting quality tracks that are guaranteed to get your nostalgia going.

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