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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis and Save Room Clarifications

    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Trailer

    UPDATE: (6 Mar. 2020 3:44 PM PST) OXM has officially retracted their statement, or at least partially. It seems likely that Nemesis entering the safe room was a misunderstanding.

    SAVE Rooms vs SAFE ROOMS

    By that, I mean that just because there’s a save point in an area doesn’t mean it’s actually a “safe room”. A similar concept shows up in 2. This was where the confusion began.

    Capcom confirms that there will be actual safe rooms, but not every typewriter is in a safe room. Listen to the musical cue to know the difference.

    However, I’ll preserve the article in its original form, in the name of integrity.

    Resident Evil 3
    Image: Official Xbox Magazine

    Once again, it’s time to forewarn ye, loyal readers. If ye wish to enter Resident Evil 3 blind, now’s the time to turn back or abandon hope.

    Cursed warnings aside, a lot of new information is shaking out due to a few journalists getting a chance to actually play Resident Evil 3.

    Some of this info is mundane. For instance, there will be optional content, as well as a much larger, more fully realized Raccoon City.

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    These little tidbits are fun but exciting to hear about, but playing the game also reveals a few wildly surprising features here and there.

    Remember when we used to laugh at Mr. X? “Ha, ya big dummy, can’t figure out how the save room doors work.”

    We made a mistake.

    Official Xbox Magazine found out the hard way during their hands-on time with the game. Nemesis is not repelled by the safe room like his little cousin was.

    Safety inside of a save room is now a tenuous assumption rather than a guarantee. This means that leading Nemesis to the save room is a legitimate concern now, as he will likely be able to corner you if you’re not smart about it.

    Things like this keep popping up, and we’ll continue to report on them. In the meantime, we still have a demo to look forward to, likely later this month.

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