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New York Comic Con 2019 Recap

Project Resistance Testing
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For years, New York Comic Con has been one of the biggest and best in pop culture-themed conventions. From playing Yugioh against friends and other con-goers at the Konami booth, going to panels and meeting some of your favorite artists, actors, and writers or one of my favorite things about NYCC, playing new game demos. One of my most memorable parts of NYCC 2019 was being able to play the new Project Resistance demo.

New York Comic Con Project Resistance booth
New York Comic Con Project Resistance demo area

Capcom’s Booth Presentation

Before I go into detail about the game, I’d like to talk about the booth itself. Capcom had outdone itself with this one. Entering the convention, the booth was located right at one of the main entrances to the shopping area. The set design was very Umbrella secret facility based with crates and lab materials sporting the Umbrella logo placed all around the demo area and dismembered limbs to play upon the fact that there was definitely an outbreak of some sort there and this also made it a fun area for Resident Evil cosplayers, like myself, to take some great photo’s either alone or with friends. When you finally approached the front of the line for the demo, which was about an hour wait, you and 4 other people would draw between 5 cards and whoever drew the card with the Umbrella logo would play as The Mastermind. Which I was fortunate enough to do.

The game itself feels very much like a Dead Before Daylight/Friday the 13th love letter.

New York Comic Con
First team at NYCC to clear the demo. Source: Resident Evil’s Twitter

Playing as The Mastermind was a lot more fun than I expected. You switch between multiple surveillance cameras based on what floor of the facility the survivors are on and use cards to place traps, enemies, or weaponize the camera. The only mastermind available to play was Daniel Fabron. He is a security operative in the Umbrella Intelligence Division working directly under Dr. Alex Wesker, but there may be more choices upon the game’s release. My experience with the demo overall was mostly positive. I enjoyed the concept of the game. While I was only able to play as The Mastermind, everyone who played the survivors told me it controls similar to Resident Evil 2 remake. Overall, I personally am excited about Project Resistance. While it may not be a full-fledged Resident Evil game, I know it’ll give me enjoyment until the next major game release.


Capcom share’s the communities cosplay on social media

Another thing about New York Comic Con that everyone seems to get excited about is the cosplay. I can say for certain that Resident Evil was well represented this year! I decided to go this year dressed as everyone’s favorite sandwich eating dad, Barry Burton. It definitely brought a lot of attention, especially while I was waiting on line to play Project Resistance. A lot of the Resident Evil cosplayers would stop by the booth throughout the day for photo ops and chats. It was a definitely a great way to pass time while waiting in line. If you went to NYCC in Resident Evil cosplay this year and happened to play the Project Resistance demo, one of the workers at the booth would offer to take your picture and post it on one of the official Resident Evil social media sites.

My share from Resident Evil’s official Twitter

I’ll finish by saying that my time at NYCC was an overall very positive and fun experience. Project Resistance seems like it’ll be a fun spin-off Resident Evil game and I hope to see more from Capcom in the future.

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