Resident Evil 3 Nicholai

Resident Evil Resistance Receives Nicholai Soon

Get ready to face off against Jill again

Not long ago we broke down the roadmap that Capcom had provided on Resident Evil Resistance, which detailed two months of upcoming content, as well as promised more beyond that.

It was revealed that May would see Nicholai Ginovaef take the stage as a Mastermind. Since then, we’ve heard little about what that means.

Now, Capcom has revealed that Nicholai will be going live sooner than we had thought: Friday, May 15th.

What Nicholai will be bringing to the table is still a mystery. We don’t know what his abilities will be. However, if I had to speculate, I’d imagine that Nemesis is a strong likelihood for his BOW.

Beyond that, perhaps his focus will be more based on direct damage to the players, given his violent nature throughout Resident Evil 3. Turret upgrades and high-damage monsters might be his niche.

Resident Evil 3 Nicholai GIF
Image: Capcom

Either way, we’ll know on May 15th at the latest. If we hear anything about his abilities, though, we’ll be sure to update you.

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