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Resident Evil Outbreakers

Resident Evil Outbreakers Rumor
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Since the leaked screenshots, many have made a pretty reasonable argument that Project REsistance looked a lot like Outbreak. Which has attained a thoroughly-cult following. (including myself)

Once gameplay came out, it was a lot harder to maintain that line of thinking. 4v1 wasn’t very Outbreak-y, as the multiplayer featured there was purely cooperative.

However, in a nice bit of fridge logic, it seems that months ago, someone already was telling us that the next game was Outbreak. However, at the time, no one believed. Most citing it was too early for another title to be announcing that soon.

They were wrong…


The_Deep_Tyrant Leak

Over on GameFAQs, The_Deep_Tyrant laid out a leak from some source that, to the readers back then, was an unsubstantiated rumor about a multiplayer Outbreak-like title. He called it “Resident Evil Outbreakers“, which even they claimed to be a lazy title. (see the thread here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/179835-resident-evil-2/77570255)

IMG 0291
The_Deep_Tyrant Outbreakers Leak

Now, however, it’s looking like whoever told The_Deep_Tyrant this info is pretty thoroughly in the know. Every single detail in the trailers is mentioned here. Some he mentioned even going a step further than his source’s statements.

Outbreakers leaks
The_Deep_Tyrant Outbreakers Leak

There’s also bits of info that we haven’t seen yet. On their own, they wouldn’t hold water, but given that they sit beside now-confirmed information, they look a lot more believable.

Outbreakers leak
The_Deep_Tyrant Outbreakers Leak

For one, there’s the talk of semi-open map designs. According to this leak, a lot of Raccoon City is going to be on the table. That’s exciting, as Outbreak was great about revealing a lot of city information.

There’s also still mention of puzzles, so those who were worried about losing Resi staples can rest easy. This also shows that Capcom could’ve had plans for a single-player campaign all along. It was speculated, by some, that was announced due to fan backlash. However, this rumour hints it was in the cards all along.

We’ll see how much more the beta shows

All in all, the idea that all this time, it really was an Outbreak game is an entertaining one. Unfortunately, while this source is batting straight 1s, we’ll have to wait for the closed beta to see just how much holds up.


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