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Paul W.S. Anderson Speaks On The Resident Evil Reboot2 min read

    Resident Evil Paul W.S. Anderson

    I think I’ve made it clear what I thought of Milla Jovovich getting salty about Resident Evil getting a new movie franchise. I normally try to keep it mostly fair and objective here, but I don’t have many kind words for egotistic anger over a movie franchise that threw out the canon.

    Well, there’s a new installment in this saga, as her husband Paul W.S. Anderson apparently felt it necessary to tell us that he doubts that he’ll return to the Resident Evil franchise to make another movie.

    Again, because apparently, we care about that.

    Resident Evil Paul W.S. Anderson
    Image: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

    This all shook out when he addressed a fan during a panel at New York Comic-Con.

    Paul’s on the Resident Evil reboot

    After making six movies, 1.2 billion dollars, you know, the most successful video game adaptation ever, I’m very…I think we did our job. We did great work. We closed it up really nicely, and now we’ve launched into something brand new, which is Monster Hunter, and I’m very excited to kind of put my energy into energies into that.

    Paul W.S. Anderson

    While I suppose one can’t exactly argue that the movies were commercially successful, it hardly matters. Calling the movies “adaptations” is generous at best, insulting at worst.

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    Anderson went on to talk about his current project, in which he seems to be doing the exact same thing with Monster Hunter, another Capcom darling.

    Once again, Anderson has found a way to shoehorn his wife, Jovovich, into the existing plot, usually at the cost of, well, the existing plot. For Monster Hunter, there’s something to do with modern soldiers ending up in another world with giant monsters?

    Likely, it’ll go the same way as Resident Evil: all the visuals are there, and might even look good just for that extra kick in the groin, but in the end, it’ll just be a way for him to give his wife a power fantasy.

    Thanks, Paul. We worried about what you might do with the Resident Evil movie reboot.

    And by that I mean we were actually worried. Please never touch this IP again.

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