Playstation Blog Awards Brings More Wins for Resident Evil 2

PS Blog Awards gave a lot of love to RE2

While The Game Awards left Resident Evil 2 wanting, the beloved remake found a lot of love in the Playstation Blog Game of the Year 2019 awards.

For the PlayStation Blog awards, all winners are categorized like PlayStation trophies, going Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum at the top.

To start with the lowest accolade, Resident Evil 2 got Bronze in the Best Action Game category, with Sekiro once again swiping the crown.

Resident Evil 2 Best Action Game PlayStation

Resident Evil 2

Every other category Resi was in, it got Gold or higher.

In Best Graphical Showcase and Best PS4 Game, the remake made off with second place. Capcom themselves also got a Gold for Best Studio.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2


The crown jewel of all of the awards, however, was Resident Evil 2 winning Platinum in Best Gaming Moment of the Year, with Mr. X’s looming presence and immense pressure leaving the Bloggers in awe.

Mr. X PlayStation Best Moment
Mr. X moment in Resident Evil 2. Image: Capcom/PlayStation

With this strong of a showing, it’s exciting to think what Resident Evil 3 might walk away with.

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