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Project Resistance Gameplay Trailer Launches at TGS

Project Resistance
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TGS 2019 started out with a bang as Capcom revealed its Project Resistance gameplay trailer just days after the cinematic trailer was revealed.

Project Resistance Gameplay Trailer

The setup

Despite taking place in Raccoon City, you won’t find Leon or Claire in this Resident Evil game. Even so, Project Resistance is very much ingrained into their world. Darkened corridors are riddled with zombies and obscure puzzle pieces. All the while a sinister figure is watching your every move. A figure that just happens to be controlled by another player.

Capcom made it clear that this was not so much a full product as it was still an idea. And it’s clear where those ideas came from Dead by Daylight/Friday the 13th, escape rooms, and Left 4 Dead’s. Also the role of an evil mastermind that feels similar to what we once saw in the now-canceled Fable Legends. Project Resistance is all of this and more. It aims to culminate in a premise that feels right at home as a Resident Evil experience.

Four “Survivors” must navigate three separate areas and work together to overcome zombies, dodge traps, and locate puzzle pieces or destroy key items to escape before time runs out. However, the survivors aren’t contending with just a few wandering corpses. They’ll have to stay one step ahead of an evil player-controlled Umbrella Corporation “Mastermind”. They will spy on the survivors through security cameras. They will use their points of view to summon zombies, floor traps, and even Mr. X.

If the Mastermind can delay his four opponents long enough to run down the clock, they’ll win the match. Each match unfolds differently from the last thanks to a series of checks and balances between survivors and Mastermind.


Different Experiences

Each side is playing a very different game, with plenty of room for strategies to be formed on both teams. The four Survivors function similarly to Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2 Remake and each has different perks. Valerie (The Healer) can highlight items as well as the ability to heal the group. January (The Hacker) has the ability to shut down one of the Mastermind’s cameras and slow the rate of summoned horrors. Tyrone (The Tank) can rally and reduce the damage they take. He also can let loose a badass stunning kick. Samuel (The Fighter) is offense and can use melee weapons.

Project Resistance Teaser Trailer

Gameplay Mechanics

You’ll have more to rely on more than just wits. The Survivors can outfit themselves with weapons and items using credits at the start of each area. (more can be found by exploring as you move). Guns are expensive and ammo is sparse. Melee weapons like bats can dish out a lot more punishment before breaking. However, without backup from a friend with a grenade, a melee attacker can quickly get overwhelmed. The Survivors will only survive if everyone works together, as the Masterminds job to separate them to pick them off one by one.

The Mastermind

The Mastermind, Daniel Fabron, oversees each area by way of checking a minimap and cycling between cameras. While the layout of the areas is randomized along with item pickups and key item locations, it’s up to the Mastermind to really set the stage using “cards” from a deck of available hazards.

Most of these cards cost energy. (which slowly regenerates to a maximum of 10), Rooms can only hold so many hostiles, ensuring the Mastermind will have to think carefully about when to enact hazards. The Mastermind can even further enhance hazards, either by shooting them up with a berserk buff, mounting a temporary turret on your camera, or even taking direct control of a summoned zombie.


The Survivors

The Survivors start with five minutes to get through all three areas, the clock can be influenced by either party. If the Mastermind sets a floor trap that explodes in someone’s face, the Survivors will suffer a time penalty. However, if they spot the trap, communicate, and ensure someone destroys it safely, they’ll gain time. Once the combination of zombies, traps, and turrets start adding even more variables into play, the clock can quickly turn into a tug-of-war, as a smart and observant team can rapidly complete objectives or turn the Mastermind’s hazards into time bonuses to secure a win. Similarly, the Mastermind can distract the survivors from their true, keeping them scattered and confused as time runs down.

Cloud beta coming next month

Project Resistance Gameplay Trailer
Project Resistance Beta Announcement

We also know that Capcom is recruiting Resident Evil Ambassadors for a PS4 cloud beta next month starting on October 4th. Find out more information on the beta here.

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