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The Project Resistance Trailer is Here1 min read

    Project Resistance

    The wait is over!

    Fans have been throwing every speculation out for weeks now. Everything from Resident Evil 8, to a remake of Resident Evil 3, and based on the leaked images from Capcom’s Youtube, the third installment of Resident Evil Outbreak has been rumored at this point.

    Project Resistance Teaser Trailer

    On Augst 29th Capcom revealed plans to announce a teaser for a new Resident Evil game that would have a trailer dropped right before the 2019 Tokyo Game Show and would be available to test at the show itself.

    The Reveal Trailer

    In the trailer that premiered on Capcom’s Youtube channel this morning we now know that Project Resistance looks exciting from what we can see! This huge news for both long-time and new fans of the franchise.

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    Still, a lot is unknown but seeing Mr. X is the trailer is a welcomed sight.
    We’re sure to see demo footage for Project Resistance come out in the few days as the Toyko Game Show is underway.

    Project Resistance
    Credit: Capcom

    This month also begins the North American beta tests in Los Angles on September 20-21 and New York City on September 23-24.

    We’ll be monitoring the news and releasing more information on as it becomes available, so stay tuned!

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