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Resident Evil Movie Producers Double Down on Assholery2 min read

    Paul W.S. Anderson

    Recently, I wrote about Olivia Jackson, the stuntwoman whose career was effectively brought to an end making the final Resident Evil film.

    Now, in what I can only assume is an attempt to completely vilify themselves, Paul WS Anderson and Jeremy Bolt are attempting to have the courts dismiss the litigation.

    Their argument is that, despite being the producers for the film, it isn’t their jurisdiction, safety and all that. They claim that the South African company doing the hiring is somehow responsible instead.

    Olivia Jackson and Paul WS Anderson
    Olivia Jackson and Paul WS Anderson

    The producers want the case dismissed.

    On their end, they hope the American legal system will drop the thread altogether. Nevermind that Olivia is still dealing with hospitals because of the failed stunt. Apparently they don’t even intend to give her money they owe her.

    This all on top of the fact that they didn’t secure proper insurance makes for a disgusting recipe. It’s looking like this court battle (which I can only hope is going to still see a courtroom) will be a messy one.

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    Olivia Jackson speaks out about the lawsuit

    The lawyers fighting against Olivia also claim they already paid her a decent amount. They also said attempts to get the insurance that would cover her were made. However, according to them, they were essentially duped by the insurance company.

    For now, all we can do is cross our fingers. Seeing how Anderson’s wife carries herself (by her speaking about others trying to reboot “her” things), it’s a safe bet that Anderson himself is quite the piece of work.

    So it’d be nice to see him get his.

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