Remember that time CAPCOM announced a PSP Resident Evil title?

    Resident Evil PSP

    E3 2009 was an interesting event. Games like Alan Wake brought a Stephen King-style novel to life with its fresh take on survival horror. It also goes without saying the hype behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was incredible.

    Both of these games, like many others introduced at the expo, have since been released and have been well received from both fans and critics alike.

    However, just like many E3 promotions, some games get the hype, but never make it to the final milestone; release. What some fans forget is that Resident Evil was planned for Sony‘s best-selling handheld at the time, the Playstation Portable.

    Resident Evil PSP Announcement – E3 2009

    Portable Survival Horror way before the Switch

    There are few details regarding Resident Evil PSP, aside from the initial announcement. From the presentation, we know that the game was very early in development, had the PSP ‘GO’ – the PSP’s redesign with a sleeker look, no UMD support and foldable design – in mind. In addition, it was to be ‘totally different for a Resident Evil Game’ at the time.

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    Since then, no news, no background information on characters, game design, concept art, or anything really. It was at a very interesting time in CAPCOM’s life, as they were transitioning Resident Evil to be more ‘Action Horror’ following the release of Resident Evil 5 in March 2009. I wonder if this would have had an impact on the style and design of Resident Evil Portable. Especially since Capcom was moving away from the series’ survival horror roots.

    As with anything unreleased Resident Evil, we wait in hope that a beta, concept art, or scripts come to light. Similar to the drip-feeding of content from Resident Evil 1.5 we’ve received over the years. If anything were to surface, we’ll be the first source to report on it.

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