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    Resident Evil 0 N64

    64-bit Beginnings

    Did you know that Resident Evil 0 originally began its life as a Nintendo 64 exclusive? Shortly after the launch of the N64 in 1995 and the announcement of the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, Capcom announced a prequel title. However, it wouldn’t receive its name, Resident Evil 0, until 1999. Up until this point, RE titles launched exclusively for the PlayStation, so this made for an interesting move on Capcom’s part. 

    Resident Evil 0 Nintendo 64
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    Capcom intended to make use of the DD64 (disk drive) add-on for the N64. They had hoped it would speed up door load times and help make better-rendered character models. The 64DD’s low sales eventually made Capcom decide to develop Resident Evil Zero as a cartridge-based Nintendo 64 release. It was revealed at the 2000 Toyko Game Show, but inevitably ended up on the cutting room floor and would see it’s full release on the Nintendo Gamecube.

    Resident Evil 0 Nintendo 64
    Image: Biohazard Declassified

    Unlike other RE prototypes, Resident Evil 0 mostly stayed the same in the transition from the N64 to GameCube. However, there were things Capcom discussed for the N64 version that didn’t make the final cut. This included the ability for Rebecca or Billy to die and alternate endings based on this. There was even discussion that there was an ending that had Billy give Rebecca her bandana instead of the dog tags like in GameCube version.

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    Gone without a trace

    Sadly, no ROM for this prototype has ever been located. Rumours suggest that all of the Resident Evil 0 carts were overwritten with MM64. However, according to other rumours, it’s said that there might be at least one in circulation and several screen captures were said to be posted in online forums. However, according to rumour, Nintendo contacted and told the person to stop and they took everything down.

     MegaMan Resident Evil 0 Nintendo 64

    The first Nintendo exclusive title vanished.

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