Possible Resident Evil 2 DLC coming after New Update and Steam Achievement [Rumor]

Shortly after the release Resident Evil 2DLC stopped. Only boasting the Ghost Survivor levels, the 1998 skins for Leon and Claire, a “completion” pack, and access to the original soundtrack. That all might be changing as a mysterious Steam achievement has been found. As a result, it has lead to a rumour that we may be getting more DLC.

Steam Achievement list hinting at new achievement/ DLC
Steam Achievement list hinting at new achievement/ DLC

The achievement has a poorly drawn Kanji symbol as the icon. The icon translates as “placeholder” in Japanese. It also says “EN_name” as the achievement title. This could possibly be placeholder text as the team decides on an English name for it.

NOTE: This achievement does not show up as a PSN trophy or as an Xbox One achievement.

This isn’t the only evidence supporting this theory. Looking at the game’s branches on the Steam Database, Resident Evil 2 was recently updated with a few new branches this week. Branches are used for internal testing on locked builds of a game.

Capcom is notorious for releasing its games later down the line with new content or just bundling the base game with its subsequent DLC. We saw this with the release of Resident Evil 7 and it’s incredibly long span of DLC releases.

However, Capcom hasn’t hinted that this is the case, so it’s still all rumour at this point. This could a Gold Edition, a new side story, or maybe just a complete accident. Hopefully, as we approach the first anniversary of it’s January 11th launch more information will be known.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get Marvin DLC!

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  1. I want a full blown raid mode with all of the main characters from the series! That would be incredible with this game.

  2. Put EX Battle in there with every character in the game playable. Make it just like the original with RNG elements and randomized enemy placement. Oh, and make a co-op version of it too with an increase in difficulty.

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