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Resident Evil 2 Gets More Mysterious Steam Updates2 min read

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    A few days ago, Jesse talked about a weird achievement popping up in Resident Evil 2‘s Steam page. With a poorly-drawn logo simply saying “placeholder” and little else to show, many thought it was either an error or a sign of things to come.

    Read the original article here.

    Recently, Capcom has updated the said Steam page multiple times. The average reader likely would think “Well, of course! They likely wish to remove that accidental achievement!”

    You’d be half right.

    It definitely had to do with that achievement, but rather than remove it, Capcom updated it. Which has had the Resident Evil community buzzing with speculation and rumour.

    Now showcasing a similarly-poor kanji of “unlock”, the achievement still remains. Not only that, but the game has been updated a LOT, with little to no visible change on the player side of things.

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    Steam achievement
    Mysterious Steam Achievement

    The change version as of this writing is 7220273 which is up from 7209401 on the 15th and was last changed roughly an hour before this was written.

    Steam Update page
    Current view of the Resident Evil 2 Steam listing

    One possible explanation for this is that Capcom is testing… something. What that something is, is anyone’s guess at this point.

    For now, the only thing we have is wild speculation. However, here’s hoping that sometime soon, Capcom will be making an official statement. Which could possibly come on December 12th at the annual Game Awards or at Sony’s end of the year State of Play.

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