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Resident Evil 2 Picks Up PlayStation’s Editor’s Choice Award!1 min read

    Resident Evil 2 PS Editor's Choice

    It seems like a great time to be a Resident Evil fan. Following the announcement trailer for Resident Evil 3 remake, and picking up various awards at the Golden Joystick Awards; Capcom yet again smashes it out of the park, picking up the PlayStation Editor’s Choice award for Resident Evil 2.

    See below tweet from the official RE twitter:

    In an official blog post from PlayStation, Tim Turi, Senior Content Communications Specialist, SIEA explains:

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    Over 20 years after the celebrated original, the Resident Evil 2 remake earns’ PlayStation’s Editors’ Choice as a defining horror experience. This remake shows that the Capcom team — who invented the genre in 1996 — still deserves the mantle of masters of survival horror. RE2 is manages to be consistently nerve-wracking, smooth, and entertaining. The fun’s not over, either — the recent announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake has me thrilled to survive Raccoon City once again.

    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 2 screenshot. Image: Capcom

    From all of us at Biohazard Declassified, it is another well-deserved accolade for Resident Evil 2!

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