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Capcom Removes Controversial DRM For Resident Evil 2

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Some PCs are certainly better than others. Mine is essentially a scrap heap at this point. Not everyone can keep up with the insane tech curve that comes with PC gaming.

As such, what’s nothing to some may present a problem for others.

This has been the case, reportedly, for some PC gamers concerning Resident Evil 2. Up until recently, Capcom was using a controversial digital rights management system (DRM) to thwart piracy.

Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 2. Image: Capcom

As we all know, anti-piracy measures are more harmful to those who legitimately buy games than it is to pirates. Games are cracked practically at launch, every time.

The problem comes from the system itself, Denuvo anti-tamper. This system has been reported by some to be too taxing for some lower-end machines, causing frame rate drops as it runs in the background. Denuvo DRM was also present on Resident Evil 7 and after two years, was also removed.

Capcom apparently felt this was enough to warrant removing the software altogether.


It’s unclear at this time if Resident Evil 3 will contain the DRM, but with Capcom dropping it from other games, it seems unlikely now.

For those who were concerned about it and holding off on buying Resident Evil 2, you now no longer have to worry.

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