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Resident Evil 2 Steam Achievement Mystery is Revealed

Resident Evil 2
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Not long ago, an achievement appeared on Steam for Resident Evil 2 that raised many an eyebrow. Seemingly acting as a placeholder for something else, this achievement led to much speculation, including the belief that it tied to Resident Evil 3 somehow.

Turns out that theory is the most likely correct. Through SteamDB, it looks like the goal for this achievement is to read a letter left behind by Jill.

Resident Evil 2 steam achievement.
Resident Evil 2 Steam Achievement. Image: SteamDB

Most likely, the letter didn’t even exist before now, and might not even exist yet. The letter will probably be added in an update soon, much how content was added to RE7‘s demo.


What this letter says and how it’ll tie everything together remains to be seen. However, hopefully, the update containing this content isn’t far down the line.

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