Resident Evil 2 Updates Adding “Another Survivor” on PS4


Resident Evil 2 has been gaining a lot of attention in the hours leading up to The Game Awards tonight. Hours ago there were updates to the PlayStation version of the game. Version 1.05 brings with it the trophy for “Chasing Jill” as well as a new category called “Another Survivor“.

Resident Evil 2 updates
Resident Evil 2 1.05 update. Image: PlayStation
Resident Evil 2 updates
Resident Evil 2 “Another Survivor” Updates. Image: PlayStation

Could this be the prelude to the rumors that we will possibly be seeing a major DLC drop soon? As soon as we find out more about Chasing Jill and “Another Survivor” we’ll be updating, so stay tuned!

Best of luck to Capcom tonight and hopefully Resident Evil 2 will be bringing home Game of the Year!

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