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Resident Evil 3 Bolt Cutters Guide

Resident Evil 3 Bolt Cutters
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One of the most essential items you’ll need for the first part of the Resident Evil 3 remake is a set of bolt cutters to access chained-off areas in the streets of Raccoon City. Here’s our handy guide.

Finding the Bolt Cutters in Resident Evil 3

First off, to access the bolt cutters, you’re going to have to put out the fire that’s blocking the alleyway close to the subway station. Head through the streets and enter the Moon’s Donut shop and exit the opposite side to see the Kite Bros Railway building. Once you enter the building walk down the hallway, take out the zombie, and find the fire hose laying on the ground next to the Subway Office.

Proceed back to the alleyway to extinguish the fire to continue to find the door to the garage. Head inside and you’ll see the bolt cutters hanging in a cabinet on the wall.

Resident Evil 3 Bolt Cutters
Image: Capcom

Now you’re free to cut locks off of previously inaccessible alleys and buildings. Make sure to look thoroughly and find all the items in these areas (including the shotgun in the Subway Office and a jewel box for the monument puzzle in the Supermarket). Once you get on the train, you won’t be able to go back.

Once you’re done with the bolt cutters you can simply discard them or toss them into the item box to free up storage space!

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