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CapcomTV! Year-End Special Program Brings RE3 Updates

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This morning Capcom aired its end of the year edition of CapcomTV! to give last-minute information for their upcoming games, including Resident Evil 3.

NOTE: Huge shoutout to @cvxfreak for the English translation of the stream!

The Scoop

Masachika Kawata, the producer for Resident Evil 3 Remake, made an appearance, promising a new trailer soon after the New Year. He said that this trailer will be giving more focus on Carlos, as well as everyone’s favorite Pursuer, Nemesis.


Kawata also made a point to reassure those who might be worried that Nemesis will be too much like the now-iconic Mr. X. According to him, Nemesis will easily be more terrifying.

Where’s Barry (@WheresBarryB), a popular Resident Evil YouTube channel, also gave mention that Hunter betas would be returning for RE3.

Kawata also showed viewers the new issue of Famitsu magazine, planned to ship four Japanese retailers on the 19th, and states that 3 will have a nice article within.


An interesting point Kawata brought up was that the team has a lot more creative license for this project, in comparison to 2. This means they’ll be able to make changes to the story that everyone’s familiar with.

Kawata Resident Evil 3
Masachika Kawata on Capcom TV! this morning. Image: Capcom TV!

Purists shouldn’t worry too much much, though. An example of one the changes was that Dario, who Jill meets early on, will have greater prominence than in the original. This likely means that the changes they’ll be making are more about deepening parts of the game rather than completely changing them.

It’s worth noting that no new video or stills were shown during the presentation. Kawata talked a bit about Resistance, as well as showed off the gorgeous Jill statue that is included in the Collector’s Edition.


However, he did also confirm a rumor we previously reported on; turns out, Resident Evil 3 started its life at the exact same time as RE2, just as many suspected.

The stream translation by @cvxfreak on Twitter follows and you can watch the original broadcast here!

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