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Resident Evil 3 Demo Mr. Charlie Challenge8 min read

Our helpful little guide to help you bobble along.



Last week along with the release of the Resident Evil 3 demo, the Resident Evil Ambassador Program* also released a challenge to find 20 Mr. Charlie bobbleheads scattered throughout the demo. Upon finding them, if you’re registered for the program you will be awarded 100 Ambassador Points they use to track progress and use for selecting for special events.

Image: Capcom

We’ve gone out and found all of them to help you just in case a few have caused you trouble. You’ve got until April 3rd so get out there and get them!

*Not a member of the Resident Evil Ambassador program? You can join by clicking this link.

Mr. Charlie #1

Image: Stevivor

When you leave the train car in Redstone Street Station, look at the other side of the platform, you’ll see the first bobblehead next to a pillar.

Mr. Charlie #2

Image: Stevivor

Check the table in the Subway Station, right before you head under the shutter.

Mr. Charlie #3

Image: Stevivor

In the alley outside the Subway, look to your right and you’ll see Mr. Charlie in the ambulance.

Mr. Charlie #4 (Special Condition)

Image: Stevivor

First, head to the end of the street, to the toy store. Look in the window and aim at the poster of Mr. Charlie for ten seconds. Then turn left and look at Moon’s Donuts at the bottom of the donut a Mr. Charlie will spawn.

Mr. Charlie #5

Image: Stevivor

Head to the nearby fire, after the cutscene with Carlos, aim at the hood of the cop car behind the barricade.

Mr. Charlie #6

Image: Stevivor

After the zombies bust through the nearby barricade, head down the stairs, turn around and look at the scaffolding.

Mr. Charlie #7

Image: Stevivor

Inside the donut shop, next to the microwave you’ll see your seventh bobblehead.

Mr. Charlie #8

Image: Stevivor

From Moon’s Donuts, head up the stairs and go towards the electrical boxes.

Mr. Charlie #9

Image: Stevivor

Trigger the construction worker zombie and the bobblehead will appear near a “cleaning in progress” sign.

Mr. Charlie #10

Image: Stevivor

Use the bolt cutters to open the supermarket and find Mr. Charlie next to the cash register.

Mr. Charlie #11

Image: Stevivor

Go back to Moon’s Donuts, go up the stairs and turn left. Check in the room with a safe on the other side of the upper walkway.

Mr. Charlie #12

Image: Stevivor

Head outside and look up at the train tracks.

Mr. Charlie #13

Image: Stevivor

Turn left and look at the top of Moon’s Donuts.

Mr. Charlie #14

Image: Stevivor

Inside the Pharmacy look at the shelves on the right of the Aqua Cure poster.

Mr. Charlie #15

Image: Stevivor

Look for a locked alley on the right past Kite Bros. Use the trust bolt cutters once more to get inside, go to the back, and look on the ground between two vents.

Mr. Charlie #16 (Special Condition)

Image: Stevivor

This requires you to have managed to achieve 25 perfect dodges. When done, Mr. Charlie will spawn in the police car to the left of Moon’s Donuts back door.

Mr. Charlie #17

Image: Stevivor

In the Kite Bros Railway room with the shotgun, you’ll find #17 on a shelf on the left side of the room.

Mr. Charlie #18 (Special Condition)

Image: Stevivor

This requires downing Nemesis three times. Once completed, go the back way into the Subway Station. Mr. Charlie will be waiting for you in the cop car near the gate.

Mr. Charlie #19 (Special Condition)

Image: Stevivor

Use the fire hose, then make your way over to the police car near Toy Uncle. Kill the inaccessible zombie and go back to the Pharmacy and go to the back. Turn to the left and the zombie will activate. Mr. Charlie will appear where it was.

Mr. Charlie #20

Image: Stevivor

Use the fire hose to put out the fire, then very carefully inch Jill Valentine around the corner. Look up and into the vent. Make sure you shoot this Mr. Charlie before you go too far and end the demo.

We hope this helps you find all the Mr. Charlie’s in the Resident Evil 3 demo. Happy hunting and let us know if you get them all in the comments!

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