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Resident Evil 3 Isn’t only being Developed by Capcom

Resident Evil 3
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While Resident Evil 2 was a project that stayed within Capcom, it seems that they’re getting some help for Resident Evil 3.

Along with all of the announcements we’ve seen recently, a couple of other studios have shown up in promotional materials for the game.

One of these studios is M-Two Inc. Though it is not a household name, the founding lead is Tetsuya Minami is the previous CEO of PlatinumGames. The studio responsible for such titles as Bayonetta and Nier.

Tetsuya Minami
Tetsuya Minami. Image: Polygon

No doubt, Minami intends to cut his new studio’s teeth on this project, as they are directly working on the main story. After all, Minami himself cut his teeth on the original Resident Evil. He co-produced the Sega Saturn port alongside Katsuhiro Hasegawa and is credited as a producer for Resident Evil 0 and Gun Survivor.

Sources close to Minami claim the studio name is from his intentions to open the studio with Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami. (Hence M-Two Minami/Mikami) However, that seems to have fallen through considering Mikami still works for Bethesda’s Tango Gameworks.

As for Resistance, Taipei-based studio NeoBards Entertainment is taking the reins on the project. Their logo has also been seen throughout many promotional screens and images.

Project Resistance/ Resident Evil 3
Project Resistance development presentation. Image: Neobards Entertainment

While some may be nervous about Capcom not directly developing Resident Evil 3, I honestly believe that it’ll be fine. Minami isn’t exactly a nobody, and his resume is a stacked one.

I imagine we’ll see some gameplay (and perhaps a demo) in the coming months.

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