Resident Evil 3 Lab Puzzle

Resident Evil 3 Lab Puzzle Guide

Towards the end section of the Resident Evil 3 remake Jill finds herself needing to find components in NEST 2 to create more of the t-Virus vaccine after Carlos uses the only sample to cure her in the hospital. She is hopeful that if she can reproduce it, it’ll prevent the destruction of Raccoon City.

If you’re already at the Lab, all you need to do is adjust all three gauges to reach 50%. To accomplish this, set the left to Mid, the center to High, and the right to Low. Once you have this combination, the Vaccine will be replicated and you will be able to continue on.

The Long Guide to the Lab Puzzle

Go to the Safe Room past the Sterilization Room and grab the NEST 2 Map and do a quick save. Then venture from the Storage Room to the second-floor hallway and pick up the Override Key.

Head back down the stairs and go to Lab 1 and collect the Antigen Sample. From there, you will need to go to the Incubation Lab, be careful as there will be plenty of zombified research staff to contend with. When you reach the second floor of the Lab, search the drawer on the wall for the Adjuvant Sample.

Now backtrack (a definite Resident Evil 3 trope) all the way to the Storage Room in order to reach the Vaccine Lab. Be ready to fight on the B1 walkway on your way back, the exit will lock and four pods containing Hunter Betas will burst open and you’ll have to fight them. Once you’ve taken them down, the door will open up and you’ll be able to progress.

Once you reach the lab, walk up to the machine and follow the steps above!

Resident Evil 3 Lab Puzzle
Image: Capcom
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