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Crows Might Return For Resident Evil 3 [Rumor]

Resident Evil 3 art
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One of the most consistent complaints levied at the Resident Evil 2 remake is that it pared down the enemy variety consistently, cutting out many foes that fans had come to love.

If we can afford a little hope, that might not be as much of a problem for Resident Evil 3.

Recently, Tsuyoshi Otani (manager of the Ambassador program) tweeted out a video of a large murder of crows. While not exactly a firm basis, a lot of fans see this as clever teasing.


Something will come out in a certain survival horror game …

This sort of speculation may not exactly be strong, but we’ve seen Capcom do weirder things. The entirety of Resident Evil 7‘s demo could be considered an elaborate series of obtuse clues.

While crows may be a possibility, there’s also the possibility for spiders to be returning too, as dense webs have appeared throughout 2.

Hopefully, we’ll get more confirmation on enemies the same way we did with the Hunters; through more trailers. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until April.


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