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Resident Evil 3 Nurses’ Station Safe Code Guide

Resident Evil 3 Nurses Station Safe
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During Carlos‘s gameplay in Resident Evil 3, you’ll come across a safe at the Nurses’ Station that you can unlock for his final weapon upgrade. Here is everything you need to acquire the Nurses’ Station Safe Code.

You’ll need the Hospital ID Card to access to the Nurses’ Station safe code. To get the Hospital ID card go to the Locker Room, once inside go left and start opening lockers. Go left once inside the Locker Room and start opening lockers. Upon searching you’ll find a Flash Grenade alongside a corpse and the Hospital ID Card.

Resident Evil 3 Hospital ID card
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil 3‘s Shortest Safe Code

When you go to head back, you’ll trigger a Hunter Beta, defeat it and go back to the Nurses Station. To open the safe you’ll need the code from the note titled RE: Missing Things. The code should read, nine clockwise and three counterclockwise. Once it opens up, grab the Assault Rifle Dual Magazine upgrade.

Resident Evil 3 Assault Rifle Dual Magazines
Image: Capcom

Now you’re ready to keep blasting with double the ammunition capacity!

Resident Evil 3 Assault Rifle Dual Magazines
Image: Capcom

NOTE: If you don’t open this safe while playing as Carlos, when you switch back to Jill later, the safe will opened and nothing will be inside.

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